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Car Insurance Claim Procedure

Automobile Insurance is compulsory in India under Automobile Act 1988. Motor vehicle insurance may be the insurance coverage of the danger of third party arising out using motor vehicle and also for since the risk of damage caused towards the vehicle. Indian people neither concern about Life insurance coverage Plan nor Medical Insurance policy but they are more concern on Automobile Insurance either to operate a vehicle a Scooter or a Bike or perhaps a Car or a Pickup truck. It is mandatory or else if anyone injured without having insurance vehicle, it will treated just like a Crime.

Now days everyone have their very own vehicle, roads are quickly pull pack with vehicles, the risk is high so consequently, motor insurance companies are growing daily and claims have also increased. But many a period, the policyholders do not know precisely what they can do to obtain their Car Insurance Declare Procedure.

Here we are explaining the process how to claim on your car insurance. This will help a lot.

How to claim in your Car Insurance Claim

We will understand this process in some scenario step-by-step so it will be super easy for us.

Claims with regard to own-damage: If your car met by having an accident, you should adhere to these steps to declare for damages:

Inform the insurance service provider – First of all you should inform towards the insurer at the earliest and you need to submit a duly stuffed in claim form combined with the required documents to the insurance provider before you send the vehicle to the garage for just about any repairs. The forms can be found on insurance service provider’s web sites. Most insurers follow strict guidelines and it is mentioned in the plan documentation.
Lodge FIR – In some instances, First Information Report (FIR) is needed so lodge FIR towards the nearest police station for that safer side. Although it may not really be mandatory for claim settlements but you should lodge an FIR. This will depend on the condition.
Measure the damage – Once a person inform to insurance company, they will appoint a surveyor who’ll assess / evaluate the damage of the vehicle. He will prepare a study and pass it to the insurance company. You will also get a copy and you’ll be able to move your car towards the nearest network garage with regard to repair. Note: If the damage is actually severe then surveyor will reach the location of the accident in the earliest for survey.
Claim settlement – The moment insurance company receives study report, they will analyze the actual claim request and sends an approval towards the garage. The garage will need to provide an estimated cost for that vehicle repair and timelines for that same. The insurer will be touching the network garage to have an overall view of the actual extent of damage and how the repair work is actually proceeding.
After the function is completed, you will need to take the duly authorized bills and documents in the garage and submit these phones surveyor. Surveyor will send it towards the insurance company.
If all of the documents are completed, the insurance carrier will reimburse your expenses. Keep in mind that you will see some compulsory deductible as well as variable deductible components, as stated within the policy document. Once your claim settled as well as your car is OK you’ll be able to drive again.

Car insurance claim process for a 3rd party claim: -If you have the effect of an accident where the third-party suffers injuries or harm to property, here is what you ought to do:

Inform to insurance service provider – First of all you should inform for your service provider at the first. Also remember not to create any financial commitments to 3rd party.
Lodge FIR – Lodge FIR in the nearest police station as well as keep a copy from the FIR for future reference too.
Share policy document – You need to mandatorily share a copy of your car insurance with the third-party, to enable them to raise a claim onto it.
Claim at Motor Tribunal – Based on the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, third-party liability claims are raised in the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT). The claim could be raised by the third-party in the tribunal closest to his/her home or yours.
After receiving all of the documents, the insurance company will verify the documents and measure the accident and if discovered satisfactory, you will obtain a lawyer appointed by all of them.
If the court directs you to definitely pay the damages towards the third party thereafter, the insurance company will directly pay the dues towards the third party.

It is advisable to determine if the situation could be settled amicably outside the actual tribunal.

Claims for thievery: If you find that the car has been taken then follow the beneath procedure.

Lodge FIR – Lodge FIR in the nearest police station as well as keep a copy from the FIR for future reference too.
Inform to insurance company – You should inform for your service provider at the first with a copy associated with FIR
Once you have the final report from law enforcement station, make a copy from it and submit it for your insurance company. The insurance provider will assign an detective. Investigator will make the actual report and submit to insurance provider. Once that is carried out, submit the RC book of the stolen car to the insurance provider.
Submit the duplicate secrets of the car in addition to a subrogation letter. You will should also submit a notarized indemnity on the stamp paper also.
Once all of the formalities are completed, the insurance provider will disburse the declare.
It is very essential for us to know concerning the formalities of car insurance coverage claim procedure otherwise lots of people are paying from their pocket because of lack of these info. Now days the whole insurance service provider’s having an excellent customer support network as well as their teams are experienced and co-operative also which means you must communicate with your insurer if you need it.
I wish you don’t need these procedures. I wish you’ll have a Safe Drive, someone is awaiting you.

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