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Keeping Quiet After a Car Accident – 4 Things NOT to Say Following a Car Accident

Quite often, car accidents occur so quickly and unexpectedly that you might be shaken up, or actually in shock. This anxiety can make you say things that can seriously damage your capability to receive compensation for both property damage and injuries in.

After the accident has ended, you start wondering if you might have done something to prevent the vehicle wreck. Human nature leads many people to consider anything they may have done to bring about the accident, even if the truth is the accident was not their own fault. However, a word associated with warning: DON’T make those kinds of statements to the police or even insurance adjusters.

We are definitely not advocating that you lie. Nevertheless, you don’t necessarily have to volunteer information that could in fact be irrelevant towards the case. If you volunteer these details to the Police, it will likely find themselves in the police report, and this information WILL supply against you to diminish or eliminate compensation for you personally, even if the information is irrelevant towards the actual cause of the incident. Likewise, an insurance claims specialist (sometimes known as an “adjuster”) will use this information so that they can shift blame, even if just partially, to you, and thereby diminish the worthiness of your claim, if not eliminate your recovery altogether. If you have information that you simply believe did not cause the accident but might be wrongly used against you, then you definitely should consult with an experienced car crash lawyer first.

Here are four examples associated with facts that may or might not be relevant to your car incident case, and that you shouldn’t volunteer for an officer or insurance adjuster:

“I was about the phone. ” Cell phone use is currently among the top driving distractions in Tx. If you mention that you had been on the phone during the time of the accident to any insurance coverage claim specialist, they will most likely assume that you were the reason for the car accident, and that consequently, you don’t deserve any compensation for the injuries. Instead of giving a biased insurance professional information regarding potentially inaccurate as well as irrelevant information, let the police use the facts to look for the true cause of the car crash without volunteering details.
“I ‘m on medication. ” Perhaps you recently started a brand new prescription painkiller or anxiety medicine. Maybe you took a dosage of cough syrup or a good allergy pill before getting driving. In any event, an insurance agent will likely try to use that info against you, falsely accusing you of somehow adding to the car accident because you were intoxicated by a drug. Again, you shouldn’t volunteer these details to police officers or insurance coverage claim specialists.
“I was worn out. ” Fatigue is a common problem for drivers of ages and backgrounds. And, while it’s true that tired drivers do sometimes cause automobile accidents, just because you were tired doesn’t automatically imply that you were the one that made a driving error that caused the auto crash. Again, in almost every case an insurance professional will hear that and make assumptions without knowing the reality.
“My car hasn’t been operating right. ” Whether you’ve been driving having a taillight out, your brakes tend to be bad, or that funny sound just won’t quit, vehicles need regular maintenance. In some instances, these issues may have contributed to the reason for a car accident. If therefore, the police will discover that inside a standard vehicle safety check instead of guessing the same way a good insurance claims specialist might.
KEEP IN MIND: The Insurance Industry is a billion dollar each year industry. They don’t make vast amounts of dollars by paying out every declare that comes across their desks. Actually, claims specialists are often incentivized, such as receiving bonus and pay size incentives, for denying or decreasing the payout on claims. As a result, a claims specialist will search for ANY and EVERY reason in order to either deny your claim, or diminish the worthiness of your claim. This is why it is crucial that you not volunteer potentially damaging information towards the police, or the insurance statements specialists.

Make no mistake about this, almost every insurance adjuster available will jump on anything you say to try and prove that you were somehow accountable for, or contributed to the car crash. In this way, the insurance provider can avoid paying you any compensation for the injuries. Don’t give these people ammunition to make use of against you to kill your Texas car crash case. Instead, contact an attorney who specific in car accidents – they will help you maintain your right to compensation following an auto accident. A skilled car accident attorney can show you on the handling of your own claim, allowing you to recover the total amount you deserve for your accidental injuries.

Stacey Barrus is the founder from the Barrus Law Group, a group of personal injury attorneys focused on protecting the rights of those injured in accidents because of the negligence of others. Stacey is an experienced San Antonio car crash lawyer [] who helps car crash victims protect and assert their rights after an auto accident. If you’ve been injured inside a Texas car wreck, you can speak with an auto accident Attorney in San Antonio Totally free by calling (210) 593-8709, or even visiting their website.



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